Computer Freezes if i try to access network things within 5 mins of reboot

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nickthenorse, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. nickthenorse

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    My problem is as follows, and i would be glad for any assistance i could receive.

    When i reboot my computer and win xp pro loads, there is a 5 min perion (or so) in which if i touch anything related to network (DUN to be specific, ie, i try to connect to an isp or i try to enter the network section of control panel) the start menu and the control panel freezes. I am able to use explorer, but i cant access the start menu nor can i access any DUNs.....a reboot seems to be the only solution.

    this problem has occured before and to solve it i simply reformatted. it has been alright for 3 months, but all of a sudden it has returned. I have not installed anything lately and so i am left a little confused as what the reason could be. I have also tried to restore my pc to several points in the past but the problem is not fixed :(

    Any thoughts?

  2. JJB6486

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    Try updating drivers for your modem/NIC/other connection devices.

  3. Buggerlugs

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    suprisingly the EXACT same thing happened to mine yesterday! I think it had something to do with having zone-alarm installed however now it appears to have gone away and everything is working as it should.

    I think its a windows xp bug myself, because i formatted last friday to get rid of the same problem and it only took till tuesday to rear its head again.

    You don`t have a 10/100 realtek nic by any chance do you?
  4. Bytes Back

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    I've had the same problem, but running bootvis fixed it.
  5. Buggerlugs

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    Suprisingly Bootvis has actually made my bootup time take longer! The first time i rebooted after doing bootvis it took xp only 5 seconds to boot, this morning it took about 15 seconds!

    My network icons appearing again now, but my modem refuses to dial for a minute or so after boot for some reason.
  6. Lukas

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    /me is confused

    You boot to useable desktop in 5 secs?

    My computer checks the RAM, identifies the IDE Hard Drive devices and passes the DMI pool verification in 5 secs, even more, but a full boot ?

    My time before bootvis: 39.4 secs
    after bootvis: 26.3 secs

    (timed from the moment my videocard version appears on my pc, till the moment I don't have any hourglasses.


  7. ahsia

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    I have a similar problem here. I just finish installing XP last night, and I have a LAN at home with a Windows 2000 Server hosting all my files. At first, the system was flying, and I usually install the software that doesn't require reboot. Needless to say, I was able to connect to my Win2K Server with no problems. Well, then I go install Norton AV 2002, and after the reboot, all my problems occurred. When I try to browse to my server, my system completely hangs. I can still get to my server, but not for very long. Any suggestions?
  8. nickthenorse

    nickthenorse Guest

    the strange thing is that i have no unusual or exotic items installed nor connected to my pc.....just standard graphics card, sound card, modem, printer etc.....

    this problem didnt start after any specific software installation either....

    rather strange methinks....

  9. ahsia

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    Well, I re-installed drivers for my NIC, using drivers from Linksys instead of the drivers that came with WinXP. What do you know?! It fixed the problem.....

    Maybe you guys want to give that a try....
  10. nickthenorse

    nickthenorse Guest


    I just reformatted my main (OS) partition and now everything works just fine. I have exactly the same hardware and software installed now as i did before, yet I dont have this stupid freezing problem....strange.

    i guess i'll just have to line up bimonthly reformats :(