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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by rem1x6, Jun 18, 2006.

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    My computer won't go anywhere past the opening icon screen when i boot up. It doesn't even get to the boot screen on Windows. I have an MSI Neo 4 board and its a platanium. For some reason when i boot it up all of the sudden, sometimes it won't get past the silver platanium screen! The LED's on my ram freeze up, i believe that my computer keeps freezing for some odd reason. It can't be a windows problem because it doesn't attempt to even go near the boot screen. Or even take the system check to see if all hardware and components are there. I turn on the computer and it just sits on that opening screen, the gray Plantanium screen. Any suggestions? The specs of my computer is on the bottom.
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    go into BIOS and deselect to display the logo screen - then you can see where it got to and any error it hit.... Also I am guessing you must have the MSI diagnostic LED display that cycles through - isn't that showing you anything by way of an error?
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    Pull the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS and see what happens.
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    After disabling the ICON, the CMOS reset, and checking the diagnostic LED...

    Make sure the speaker is plugged in and check for beep codes (CPU and BIOS are partly working), check if the keyboard lights flash (CPU and BIOS are partly working), case and CPU fans spin up (PSU 12V is working). If all that happens then try to boot to DOS.

    Put ramtest or any DOS application (HD diagnostics, etc) on a floppy and boot from it. If everything works ok you know the RAM, CPU and MB are semi working.

    Then press F8 while booting to force the computer into Safe Mode to see if the windows install is ok. If that checks out it is a hardware and/or hardware driver issue. Start removing or disabling things all at once (audio, HD, etc.) see if it does better. That includes the video card.