Completly Remove WMP8

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zoloto, Jun 28, 2002.

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    yes folks you've heard me I'd love to remove Windows MEdia Player 8 COMPLETLY from XP pro. It's an annoying piece of $#!^ and it needs to go, go just a quickly as it came.

    I've been looking for a way to turn off their "file protection" for system critical files (so they don't get over written by malicious programs etc...)

    Anyone know?
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    Found my own answer

    Ok this is what I have done to fix the problem. I can't uninstall it but I removed permissions for it to be executed by EVERYONE.

    Follow these steps.

    E:\Program Files\Windows Media Player (e: is most likely your c:)

    right click wmplayer.exe (ugly icon too)

    click on security, then the ADVANCED button near the bottom.

    UNCHECK the option at the bottom that states, "inherit from parent the permission entries that apply...."

    Click APPLY, then REMOVE, then click OK It'll state you've removed permissions from EVERYONE to access the media player. (ah boo hoo)

    Click OK then OK again.

    Then OK again to quit it. Now you can't access it.

    Nothing else can either, I believe.
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    ... but i'll do the same to that as well :) thanks for the reminder