Completely removing Nvidia Drivers...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GraveLayer, Aug 26, 2002.

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    I'm one jumping ship to a Radeon 9700. Does anyone have a link to the "proper" way to remove all traces of a Nvidia card? I'm on XP pro and know to remove the drivers from the control panel, maybe even do a searh for anything nv*.* related, or going into the registry and removing nv*.* from both software spots. But is there something "official" from someone "official"??????
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    Or here:
    Guess I'll try 'em!
    I just didn't think they were for Windows XP!????

    They DON'T support XP yet! version 1.2.1 that is......

    So now back to the original question! :)
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    uninstall all Nividia drivers and related programs.. do not reboot yet.. use a progam like RegCleaner to remove all Nvidia entries.. shutdown, install Radeon 9700 and let Windows load up a driver.. download and install the latest ATI driver for the card.. sounds relatively easy and should be but playing the registry can be problematic so make a backup copy of the registry before you make any changes..
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    i had a problem with trying to go back in version numbers with nvidia drivers...from 30.xx back to 23.xx. even after i removed the 30.xx drivers and rebooted into vga mode, reinstalled the 23.xx drivers, and rebooted again, my display properties kept showing 30.xx drivers. there was some uninstall directory in c:\windows\ that held all the 30.xx drivers. so i uninstalled the 23.xx drivers again, restarted in vga mode, went into that uninstall directory and removed every nv* file, searched c:\windows\ for every nv* file, and deleted anything else that looked remotely close to nvidia software. i rebooted, searched again, found none, reinstalled the 23.xx drivers, and am now using the 23.xx drivers with no traces of 30.xx drivers. i didn't go into the registry and try to remove all instances of nvidia, cuz last time i tried to do something like that, i had to reinstall my OS :)