Compaq MV920 monitor help!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ThePunkerGuy, May 22, 2002.

  1. ThePunkerGuy

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    Hi, I have a Compaq MV920 19" monitor and have had it for about a year and a half. Its suppost to be a really good monitor as it even costs between $350 - 500 depending on where you buy it. It only came with a 1 year warranty. I am having this problem.. over the last few months now about 1 time a day the screen will kind of flicker.. like it will just go black for like 1 second then just comes back .. and it doesnt like get all discolored or anything it seems like it just refreshes for a second or something. The color and brightness and quality are all still excelent.. and its not that big of a deal but it is very annoying. It's running at 1152X864 @ 85hz. I have tried it with two different video cards my old GeForce2 GTS and my new GeForce4 TI 4400 and they both do the same thing.. could it be something with the Nvidia drivers? I have also tried using some drivers from compaq instead of the plug and play ones that come with windows xp but that didnt help any either. Ok well.. i hope this thing isnt going bad on me. thanks
    - Mike
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    hmm .. to me, i'm using the compaq monitor (cause i'm a compaq user) why don't u try this

    1) set ur monitor resolution to either :

    800 X 600
    1024 X 768 pixles

    2) set ur refresh rate at : 60 hertz ....

    i'm not a computer hardware expert .. but u might want to try it out ....

    note : if u computer happens anything .... don't come fnd me ...
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    chances are, compaq didn't actually make your picture tube or electronics. Try to find out who did and see if they have problems with GeForce cards, my monitor used to reset whenever I changed resolutions for games and stuff because of an incompatability with my ATI card. New drivers though, and it only happens every once in a while :)

    does the flicker happen at a particular time during the day, or after a certain number of hours of opperation?
  4. ThePunkerGuy

    ThePunkerGuy Guest

    Strangeless: No regular pattern.. just whenever it feels like it.. no spacific applications running or anything. Hhmm.. will have to look into it, but i dont know how to find out who actually made the tube.

    Seeya: It happens at 1024x768 also .. and i am not going to use the monitor at 60hz.. that hurts the eyes.. lol.. Ok, thanks!
    - Mike
  5. seeya

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    i have 1 suggestion which should work quite well ... CALL COMPAQ AND ASK THEM !!!!!!!!

    this 1 should be a good 1 ... if they don't know .. *sigh*
  6. Reg

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    Arlington, TX
    Compaq monitors are made from the same ODM that makes the Dell monitors. The problem with the monitor is that they use a non-standard refresh rate to color depth ratio. Try switching your monitor settings in your control panel to a Non-Interlaced VGA monitor. I had the same problem with my Compaq on my Linux box. I had to change to a Non-Interlaced VGA with a 16bit color depth.