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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Fridge, Jul 21, 2002.

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    My computer refuses to restart. Everytime I restart it the monitor turns of to standby preparing to turn back on but never does. It seems that the computer is working but nothing happens. It may be stuck after the reboot. I have tried a different monitor, differnt video card, differnt power supply, differnt case, flashing bios, unplugging everything except the motherboad and power supply and trying to restart but it wont. Even if i go into BIOS and reset from there i get the same seems to be restarting but the monitor wont turn back on after the restart...the computer continuosly keeps working...but after a while i dont hear and sounds or beeps which leads me to believe that the computer is stuck for some reason. I have to shut down my computer and turn it back on for it to work. I am running an AMD 2100+ on a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard and my video card is an eVGA Nvidia GeForce 4 4600. Bios is flashed and updated to latest version.

    P.S. - Oh yeah and this is my second GA-7VRXP motherboard...I gave back my first one thinking it was a defect in the motherboard, but I am still recieving the same problem. I am leaning a lot to it bieng a PROCESSOR problem.

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    there is an update for that. have you tried that?
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    where can i get the update?
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    all is current
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    had same problem with a Abit KG7-RAID, and a netgear net card.... i replaced it with an SMC and all is fine... even if that isnt ur combo.. try yanking ur net card and jsut try restarting, please let me know
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    What about your Memory? Did you unplug it and then re seat it in it's slot?
    Are any Settings in the BIOS not Default settings? Did you tweek any of the Memory settings? Set all Bios Memory settings to Default or the slowest possible. Try to boot up after that and see what happens.
    Also try a different Memory Stick. If you have two remove one and reboot. If still the same, reinstall and remove the other and reboot. Check all your HD cables and connections.

    How are the temperatures? The CPU temp, the HD temp, etc...

    Another thing... Was it working fine before or has it been like this since you installed the Operating System?

    Also if you did the *System Recovered Error Message Update* Remove it. Use the *System Restore* feature to roll back the System to a point before that update. It had caused problems for me. But that's me. Could be not relevant to your situation.

    You could also do the Restore to a point before the System began to do what it's doing now. Unless it's been doing it since the beginning (initial install).
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    just a thought fridge, but i had the same problem once. turned out to be the resolution was set too high for my monitor. try starting in safe mode and bring it down a bit. worked for me
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    No Reboot

    You said you changed the Power Supply. But you didn't say what wattage it was. If it is not at least 300 Watts I would try a larger wattage P/S especially with a XP2100+ Processor.
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    i had the same prob with my amd 1.4 when i first got it. i could never restart without letting the computer cool down for a while first. when i replaced my cpu fan, my temps went down dramatically and the problem never came back. it turned out my comp refused to start with the temp so high. i suggest checking out what your temps are when you go to restart - if they are high, which they probably would be with a 2100+, then try getting a more powerful cpu fan.

    my friend also had a similar problem that was related to a faulty gf2 mx graphics card, but i doubt a beatutiful gf4 would give you any problems...then again, i wouldnt be suprised
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    thanks a lot for all your help guys...temps look normal when i restarted....the resolution i set to 640X480 that didint do anything. I have had this problem only after i switched from a metal case to an alluminum case...i dont know wat that did but now it wont restart. Im finally seeing the real problems here. My "WONDERFULL" GeForce 4 Ti 4600 is now faulty. Everytime I play on it, i get these black rectangles all over the screen. I am returning it and maybe that is wat has been giving me problems. I will let you all know if that fixed my resetting problem.

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    i spoke to my friend and he had exactly the same problem...your new card should fix everything...he also said that his old card was slowing down the RAM check at startup, so u may find an improvement there with your new card.