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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by microair, Dec 4, 2002.

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    Hi ...

    Well i am very new to XP and being a user of Win98 for quite some years this sudden change has brought about some habit changes :)
    I love the command-prompt only option in Win98 (F8 on startup).

    How do i get it back ?

    I tried this but didn't work:

    1) A made a small paritition of 200 MB (FAT)
    2) Installed DOS 6.22 on it
    3) Added the OS in WinXP Boot thing in control panel

    But whenever i start that OS (DOS) it reboots ...

    it might sound lame but i need DOS prompt sometimes ...
    anyone got some way out?
  2. Tinker

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    I hope this will help you out. I do not dual boot myself but quite a few folks do....

    Dual Boot .........
  3. Jahya

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    WinXp does not like nor does it support (true) DOS. Yes, yes I know, you can still access a simulated DOS environment thru XP, but its virtually useless and if you really need DOS, this will not do. If you find a way to make XP and DOS get along, let me know b/c I cannot run Impulse Tracker 2 in XP and I refuse to run Win98 just for a prog that I mess around with but have no serious need for. In the meantime, the only thing I can suggest, and I can't promise this will work is something like Connectix Virtual PC (

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    threads merged. there is no need to post the same question in two different forums, your question will get answered (if someone knows the answer) no matter how many times it is posted. thank you.