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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dave_casserly, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. When i run a console .exe the command prompt opens and shuts down before i have chance to read the messages.

    How can i configure command prompt to stay open after ive run a console exe or a batch file.


    ps. im using XP
  2. NetRyder

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    You could open command prompt manually using Start>Run>cmd and then run the console exe. It'll stay there then :)
  3. Yeah i know but then id have to type in the path to it which is long and annoying.

    Every other application manages to stay open. Im sure there must be some stupid registry setting somewhere. Why doesnt microsoft do config files.

  4. allan

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    Try a "pause" statement in the batch file.
  5. farseeker

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    Find the EXE in Explorer, go to "Program" and un-tick "Close on exit"
  6. Jz1397-5

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    i have the same problem, files will run and then close without showing me a message
  7. alan: it isnt a batch file, its an executable.

    farseeker: yeah ive seen that before somewhere. maybe in win98 but it doesnt appear in XP.
  8. Angst

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    I would suggest running the command prompt manually, running your console and see why it is terminating. Since the windows closes so fast.
  9. allan

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    Dave - sorry - your original post asked about batch files.

    You can make the window to stay open by typing CMD /K before the command (ie, cmd /K console)
  10. Khayman

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    It can't be done, you have to run cmd manually then run the program.
    when you run a command program in run it just executes the program and the program unloads when its finsihed so it closes
  11. allan

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    You cannot execute the command from RUN and have it do what you want - has to be from a command prompt.
  12. alan: sorry i didnt realise i mentioned batch files in original post. Im not using batch files, i just thought id mention them in the same context.

    OK then, if i cant do it then ok. As long as i know i can or cant, then im happy. Wondering leaves me unsettled.

    Thanks for help everyone.