COM for CAM?

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    Is there an ActiveX control for a display from a cam? There must be one that I can drop into an MFC application.

    In the resource editor there is a button for a "Custom Control" in the 2005 IDE but I also remember there used to be a special way to select from a list of Active X controls in the older versions of Visual Studio. I think it was "Add Control".

    Has anyone tried something like this? If you have not, where would you look to find out something like this?

    OK, so maybe MFC is a dead issue now days. But still, there must be ActiveX or COM components that people still use.

    Andrew Kirillov wrote a motion detection program and posted it on:
    that seems to use some sort of plug-in. But it is written in C#. I tried poking around in this code but there is no resource view familiar to me.

    Laurent Kempé wrote what seems to be a way to do it using C++ and ATL:
    ATL is a form of COM. It looks good but the ATL component seems to be one that he wrote from scratch. Is this the only way to do this?

    Other web sites seem to suggest that the activeX control comes with the camera manufacturers firmware.

    There must be a standard way that it is done. Can anyone tell me?

    I noticed in the Toolbox there is an Animation Control. I wonder if there is a way to make use of this.
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