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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FishBoy, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. is there a way i could get around my college firewall so i could connect to programs like kazaa,mirc,limewire,winmx, and be able to transfer faster over msn?
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  3. o c'mon you're not helping it's pissing me off http is faster than normal dsl i can dl up to 900kb/s off http but p2p is really slow, sometimes null
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    chances are you cant, i tried for 4 years at colledge :paranoid:

    firewall will be hardware as well as software as well :s
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    Have you tried becoming really friendly with the system administrator and asking them to lower restrictions? for your account :p

    But seriously, I don't think you can do that, and even if you were able to, I would advise against it. The last thing you want is to get busted for using a p2p or another program on the college network (they would probably be able to trace you via an IP address and could get into trouble with your college for doing this).
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    Yeah I would go with Dublex on the "I wouldn't do it" thing. If/when they catch you'll be in big trouble.
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    have you ever tried to change the port in which your applications connect. i made mirc go thru port 80 for file transfers and the like and they were fast as heck. setting up local port forwarding might work, but if you get too much stuff thru certain ports it may cause packet collisions.
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    yeah, try using an anonymous http proxy.
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    anon proxy will still be slow.
  10. well the thing is everything is done auto, to connect i give the people at the computer center my mac address and then they just enable it and all i have to do i plug into the wall, but i dont think sharing is a bad thing here, when i first came they told me you get a connection but kazaa will be slow, even my teachers at school said that so i dont think they'd mind it
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    colleges impliment firewalls to block programs like this. amongst other reasons. They dont want you eating all the bandwidth up downloading illegal things. not that im against that. but just do what toretto said. change the ports the programs use. that would be my suggestion
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    Being a network admin of a large University, students asking questions like this really tick me off. First of all, the college/university's network has a primary purpose of educational and research use only, anything beyond that is a perk. Give me three reasons as to how using such p2p programs help you in your college education. If you have 4,000 students living in dorms all doing p2p programs, how much bandwidth do you think that leaves for the other students, faculty, and staff to do legitimate work? I will tell you how much...none. Been there, done that. You should be lucky that your getting anything out of the p2p programs and that they are not blocked totally. Besides the RIAA sees college's and university's like "taking candy from a baby". What better place to look for people sharing something they shouldn't then dorms full of unsupervised teenagers. I can tell you first hand that there have been many students have their machine confiscated, have heavy fines, and even have to do social work for copyright infringements and sharing protected files via p2p programs and university's are more that happy to turn the students in since that means it is that much more bandwidth that is freed up.

    /all worked up now. goes to get another beer.
  13. ummm this is college not high school, internet in a dorm room isn't for educational purposes only, it's like having the manager coming to our room saying that drinking is not allowed
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    Well, if you're under-age, that actually isn't allowed. ;)
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    A friend told me at his universary, there network monitoring software reads the packet header and if its a P2P packet it holds it til its just about to expire. If your is implemented this way then I dont see a way around it.
  16. yea i mean for legal age students, in canada 19 and above im 18 but that doesn't stop me, where i come from (lebanon) there is no age restriction or i think it's 12
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    Yeah but anything beyond normal website traffic steals from everyone else on a college campus really. It is also probably against your online terms of use if you look. ;) Also if your connection is slow it's probably because you have hundreds (if not thousands - depending on your schools size) doing the same thing you are. Even muliple-T3's that would normally be quick as lightning can be eaten up rather quickly by a good number of P2P users. In the end trying to circumvent your schools firewall is a bad idea as if they actually monitor it and notice your usage when all the bw is gone they could just block your MAC and no online at all for you or severly throttled.
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    if you are at UofT, then you are out of luck. we used to share like hell when i was there in the late 1990s, but uni admit got hold of us, blocked our ip, and we were told to let it be. so back to the cd store for us, now. ah, it was a good time back then. just move out of college into a share house acroos on college str. or so, and then you can get rogers (or whatever it is called now) broadband - no more problems!

    good luck, ej!
  19. no im at seneca, good computer programs, i can get rogers here but it'll cost money and stuff
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    Is the dorm room on the university's property and are you paying for the dorm room as part of your tuition? You are also paying for your fat-pipe internet connection through tuition. The thing is that you own neither one of these things. You are essentially leasing both your housing and internet connection from the college. Double-check your TOS and AUP that the college gave you. The college has all the right in the world to limit what you do with their bandwidth because they own the network and all the people using the network for unauthorized purposes (ie filesharing) hamper the use of the network by the very people it was created for... the students and educators for educational purposes.

    If you want unfettered access then get an outside account (ie DSL) and download to your hearts content.

    I'm not trying to sound like an idiot, btw. I'm just being realistic.