Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by daz, May 15, 2002.

  1. daz

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    could some please tell me where to get the latest codecs from i am having bother playing an avi i am running xp pro
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    Yes , this is an option , Divx 5.0 pro comes with a player called Divx Player 2.0 but that's alpha
  3. i just use winamp to watch movies. it's the best one i think
  4. hey daz you could also try to get this off edonkey, **tp://
    it includes all latest codecs
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    Cheers all for your help im on with it now
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Zoom Player is the greatest media player out, I have used it for oever a year and waddy just started using it the other day after telling me how geat e thought it was ;)
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    wtf i thought i was the only DAZ(Z)
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    nickname steeler!!1

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    id recommend not to use divx 5.0

    hey divx 5.0 supposedly has spyware and such in it. im sure u can get rid of it :)

    but u should try sites like divx digest

    it has many codecs and your best bet is to use divx 3 and 4 because not many videos are encoded using 5 at the moment... so i hear

    your local haXXor, pegusus
  10. Qumahlin

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    So far i've had no problem with divx 5, although some have experienced problems when trying to encode with it.

    as for spyware, that is only if you get divx 5 pro.
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    Thanks chaps for all your advise btw who is this dazzzzzz
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    I would strongly recommend not to get DIVX 5.0. It seems to be very unstable. And, when installing, if you have any illegal codecs, it corrupts them. I've noticed that when watching movies that are compressed using certain methods, you can see the actual separations in the layering in the movie, which makes it really hard to pay attention to the movie and not the flickering. I uninstalled 5 and put in 4 again. I couldnt be happier.