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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by john30uk, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Last week a user told me to try the latest DIVX codec to enable me to get picture in Spiderman which was thing as i just ticked the codec only part as i did'nt want the whole package,but now i have downloaded BLADE 2 and its perfect high quality picture but i have no sound,all my other movies are playing fine.
    The same case as Spiderman,i have seen both at cinema but would watch again,even thought Blade 2 is'nt a patch on first film.
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    What the hell is warz or whatever you mean.
    I downloaded film from Kazaa same as a million other people and i have also payed my way by going to cinema on opening night to see it.
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    Downloading the movies off Kazaa is still illegal, even if you went and saw the movie already. XP-erience does not support illegal activity.

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    did you purchase the movie? no its warez
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    hmm wonder why this thread isnt closed yet
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    I read constantly some members slating people for downloadind movies etc.
    Most people on here use kazaa as its promoted on here and all new links appear here first also you list divx codec usually used to rip dvds also i bet mosty of you own pirated games bought from markets or copied from your matesoriginal copy
    So why not stop lecturing other who do a bit of the same as most people.
    If you dont want to help with a certain topic dont.
    I also own a lot of legit software and movies.
    Stop putting links to leaked ilegal beta of microsoft software and drivers etc if you want to be so politicaly correct.
    I think most members will agree most peole use some kind of copied software of one type or another as it a rip off in britain for most stuff.
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    Whatever happened to freedom of speech? of all the problems in the world right now, ur worried about warez and downloaded movies on kazaa? lmao people should be able to discuss whatever as long as it does NOT endanger peoples lives. yes im aware of forum rules but i still say you should be able to speak of warez as it does exist instead of turning ur back on it. doing that is naive as parents who have the notion that their kids aren't having sex etc... the truth is warez exist and talking about them is not illegal.
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    Good on you DLOVELY the members who complain about the taboo topics prob never tried smoking,drinking or even swear,i bet they don't even SPANK THE MONKEY cause their mom said it was bad.
    Your right there are more important thing to worry about and anyone who in the future help me with a forum i stuck with is greatly appreciated.
    I have noticed one thing in that if you ask something resonably simple that you later work out on your own,about 10 user answer with mostly stupid answers like the guy that had probs with nvidia driver and one user told him to reformat as he had 10,000 times(to which i think he talking rubbish).
    But you do get the same geniune people who go out of their way to help,and thats what this site is meant to be about.
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    Not to make your statement sound contradictory, but why does this site constantly post links in reference to the Windows SP beta's, which have not been released for everyone to use?
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    agreed... catch23 has a point here..

    this is a forum to help users with issues related to most things computers..

    if you are dealing in warez and have issues with that I am sure that there are a lot of forums that can actually help you with that...

    thing is it is implicitly stated that you are not supposed discuss/deal in warez on this website...

    is it too much to ask to abide by this principal?

    this has nothing at all to do with freedom of speech... you are just basically violating a rule...
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    TO CATCH23 im not claiming to be a high flying pirate i just use for my own pleasure and i aslo have never smoked although i do drink at weekends am am partual to spanking the monkey as well as everyone.
    But you have just admitted on this forum you are now a 1000x pirate and not a mummies boy like you stated earlier.
    Look at the forums.most of the answers come from the same few users. I SALUTE THEM
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    Have you tried backing down to a previous version? I am guessing 5.01 or 5? Sometimes the sound poops out for one reason or another, and a reinstall of the codec will take care of it.