CloneCD 4 problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TCi, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. TCi

    TCi Guest

    This appear randomly while burning or whenever I open the program. using v4.0.1.10

    This error accure:

    Access violation at address 00000006. Read of address 00000006

    Picture also attached..

    It doesn't exit the program before pressing "OK"..

    Do anyone know what this problem could be??

    My cd burner is a NEC NR-7900

    Sorry for my bad english...:)
  2. Cooperman

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  3. TCi

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    I just posted. So now I'm waiting for answers.. But I still want help from this forum... :)
  4. LiquidMorph

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    same thing happens to me... it only occurs when you mouseover those cute buttons.. instead go2 the file menu... its not a solution... but it does the trick :)
  5. TCi

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    With me it also happens just by opening CloneCD. I dont do a thig and then suddenly this error accure...
  6. appzattak

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    i had the same thing happen and the tech support from cloneCD did not have much to say, I ended up formating adn re-installing xp pro and after that loaded teh latest clone cd (no I did not format jst for clone) hope you find a solution...if not format and try again..
  7. Doxtr111

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    Had it happen when I 1) unchecked ebytes check in MSCONFIG and 2) had entered an incorrect registration number. Seems to me that the msconfig do dah allows clone to check the reg number each time it is opened, and if the number has changed for some reason or is not a legit reg number recognized by clone, this is what happenes. Anyway, I located the correct reg number (way, way long number), entered it and now no more problems. Just my two cents worth.