Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. brocher

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    My pc clock has decided to start going fast about 5 minutes every day , anyone any ideas ,could it be the bios battery , this mobo is only 5 months old
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    Windows XP has got a built in feature to update the time using the internet. Perhaps you have got a duff time server entered in?
  3. Krux

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    are u on a network with a server? the computers at my work all go off of the time on the server no matter how amny times u chance the one on your own pc it reests back to the servers after a few minutes.
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    I actually have a similar question, mine computer is also fast but for me it's worse becuase my computer acts like a TIVO. so when I set it to record a movie or tv show it will either start late or too early meaning I miss ther very end or begining of the show i wanted to record.

    Is there a way I can get my computer to automatically update the clock once or twice a day? If not through windows XP, is there a third party program that does NOT have spyware/addware in it? (even if there is a small-price to pay for it?)
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    Awesome! Thank you.
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    Your MB battery might need replacing if your time starts to change. Your clock is tied to the bios setting. If the battery is low, you might begin losing the settings.