clicking noise on GPU fan?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by zapoqx, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Just as a question...
    I have a clicking noise eminating from my GPU's Fan. I figured out that it was the fan by checking if I touch the fan just slightly to slow it down, the noise stops. While this is a temp GPU for a while, will this be any bother to the GPU for a while? I'm not expecting to use this 6 months. In case you need any info:
    Its a 512MB Radeon X550

    Thanks in advance
  2. trainmaster77

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    sounds like a bearing in the fan ..or a tooth in the fan gear is bad.
  3. vertigo

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    my old radoon x800 xl did the same thing after about a year of use. i ignored it for another month and the fan stopped working completely. was an expensive piece of crap, never buying ati again :angry:

    i couldn't find a fan that would fit, nor could i go weeks/months without a PC by sending it in. ended up giving it away and buying a geforce 7900 instead.
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    It's a sign it is dying. It could be the blades hitting the fan cage, a bearing in trouble or if you are really lucky the wires going to the fan vibrating or touching the blades as they spin.

    If it's the wires move them away from the blades and it wil stop.

    The blades hitting the fan cage you might be able to bend the cage a little. Risky, the blades break off easy and if one breaks the fan is shot.

    The bearing going... Some people have reported success for a while by adding a drop of light motor oil into the fan bearing. I have not tried this. If you try it use very little oil.

    Best bet is a replacement.
    They are cheap enough but making sure you have the right one is a pain.