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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Sprung, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Sprung

    Sprung Guest

    I couldn't believe this speed...but it is real!:eek:
  2. Jestermask

    Jestermask WinTMBG Professional

    Colorado, USA

    Damn. If that speed's true...I must say I'm impressed. How'd ya pull that off? And where'd ya get those nice icons? ;)

  3. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

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  4. Sprung

    Sprung Guest

    It's true! I about fell outta my chair!

    The icons are from the Noia icon set for Icon Packager from Stardock.
  5. Sprung

    Sprung Guest

    Sorry Jewelzz;)
  6. GT2000

    GT2000 Guest

    Hate to burst your bubble, but that is reading kilobits.

    It equates to about 115KB/sec, sorry :/
  7. Gnu

    Gnu OSNN Addict

    Darn ya GT, you beat me to it.

    It doesn't help that IE's propogated the confusion by measuring its speeds in bytes. Technically, bandwidth is supposed to be measured in bits, and storage should be measured in bytes. Most developers these days tend to ignore those conventions completely.

    And don't get me started on the 1024K vs 1000K megabyte issue.
  8. GT2000

    GT2000 Guest

    thats' always a fun one..

    bits, nibbles, bytes, mega...blah blah blah.
  9. Sprung

    Sprung Guest


    928.8 kbits/sec is 71.2 kbits/sec short of 1000kbits/sec, which is 1Mbit/sec. A T1 line is 1.5 Mbits/sec.
  10. GT2000

    GT2000 Guest

    What provider are ya on?

    Down here on cox hsi I avg. 2500/290, though latency is a prick most of the time.
  11. Sprung

    Sprung Guest

    I'm on insightbb. Latency is a sporadic problem here; not too often, but when it hits, it HITS.

    Mine varies daily. Tonight I am 3096 down, 71 up. I was wondering why my image uploads took forever:eek:
  12. Dlovely

    Dlovely Guest

    i get 6220 down and 940 up give or take a few on a regular basis. i use a linksys cable modem which optimumonline doesnt even give firmware updates for lol im pretty happy with the speed even though i heard the SB4200 or whatever is faster.
  13. Dlovely

    Dlovely Guest

    Sprung have u tweaked ur connection?
  14. Sprung

    Sprung Guest

    A little ;)
  15. Ice-Freezer

    Ice-Freezer Guest

    all your speed suck
    my downlaod is not capped
    only upload to 128 kbps = 12 - 15 kb/s :(
  16. Gnu

    Gnu OSNN Addict

    That's all well and good, but the downside of it is that all Aussie broadband ISPs are metered. I'm really gonna miss my flash American cable connection when I move out into the Oz countryside. There's ADSL in my neck of WA, and thankfully WestNet has thrown their hat into the ring, so I'll at least have half-way decent service without having to sell a kidney (Telstra's DSL services in rural WA is the biggest rip-off I've ever seen).

    I had a connection that topped out over 3Mbps until @Home folded -- Comcast has capped my downstream in half. Still the same ol' 128K upstream, but that's not much drama.
  17. Ice-Freezer

    Ice-Freezer Guest

    check this out sending to my self lol
  18. greendevil

    greendevil Guest

    Well I've got the same speed as Sprung - onnly it says kB instead of kbits. Hardihar.
    Oh, and remember this: