Cleaning 98Se & iE5.5 ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by riski1, Oct 30, 2003.

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    Here comes a dumb inquiry from a novice that has got me baffled. Please fill the void between my ears:rolleyes:

    I have 12 objects/apps located under the View Objects button in the IE Temporary Internet files Settings that are the same as the 12 files located in the Downloaded Programs Files folder in the windows directory.

    I clean my Temporary Internet files, history, etc. under the Gerneral tab of Internet Properties quite often. Can these objects/apps be removed or are they required for some purpose?

    It's been one of those things that's just bugs me not to know....

    like everything else:D
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    Depends on what you have there. The "Downloaded Program Files" folder contains ActiveX controls, such things as the Windows update controls, your flashplayer, the Google toolbar, ...

    See How to Remove an ActiveX Control in Windows
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    Thanks yoyo

    You need to know that your dealin' with a novice here; and, a curious one at that. Dangerous:rolleyes:

    I am trying to include a pic of the files, so bear with me, if you will?

    Some of these files were created back 2 years ago and I still need them? 3 of them have to do with MS updates, 2 with Symantec and 1 I have no idea where it came from (QDiagHUpdateObj Class).

    If all these files are Active X, wouldn't they be re-downloaded if they were needed again? That's assuming I remove them.

    Sorry to be so inquisative, but my urge is in knowing. Of course with my skills that doesn't take much:D

    Like i had mentioned, just trying to clean house and learn a little along the way. Thanks to your link, I know how to remove the files if it's ok.



    Note: See below for image of Downloaded Program Files:eek:
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    Gotta try that image again: