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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Maverik, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. Maverik

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    Occasionally just for fun I like to format my hard-drive and reinstall everything :) I generally do this in one of two ways depending on why I'm formatting.

    If its for fun, then I format my 3gig primary partition and install from the 2nd 18gig partition.

    If my hard drive died then obviously I start from scratch, create the two partitions and perform the obove.

    So far I have had 0% luck installing XP Pro on a clean install, I get that annying error where it starts copying files and then stalls. M$ have advised this is normal when trying to install from DOS, and u shouldn't be doing it :( SO I have to install ME then upgrade which is a pain.

    What would u reccomend for a clean install? Is there a way to install XP from dos??? Or even better a way to do it without needing a boot disk for DOS at all? eg. just format, put CD in and BOOM all done :)
  2. Tope

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    AFAIK, the XP CD is bootable. Set your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM, insert CD and choose clean install. It will ask you if you want to format the partition.