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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AmarSingh, Dec 16, 2001.

  1. AmarSingh

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    I know that you can do a clean install with an xp upgrade cd if you have the original windows cd of the os that you are upgrading from (ive done it with an oem win me cd). Im going to be doing a clean install on a formatted hd and i was wondering if inserting a previous upgrade cd (ie windows 98SE upgrade) would be sufficient to install from a windows xp upgrade cd or would i have to have a previous full version cd? In case this is unclear, while doing a clean install using a windows xp home upgrade cd, when i am asked to insert a previous windows cd to verify that i am eligible for the upgrade, do i have to insert a full version cd, or can i use an upgrade cd( ie windows 98SE upgrade)...i have a full version oem win 95 cd but i fear that it wont let me use that since win 95 is not eligible to upgrade to xp
  2. Troy

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    It has been my expierence that you have to have a full version of an OS inorder to do a clean install with either ME or XP using my 98SE OEM disk. I have done it with both and an upgrade disk did not work. I tried it to see what would happen.
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    Insert the XP upgrade disk, follow the instructions, then it will ask for a pervious version of Windows, put your 98 disk(Has to be FULL version, no 98 upgrades will work) in the drive, la la's simple just follow what it tells you to do and it will work. I am running XP Home from an Upgrade disc and it works just fine and saved me $100 if not more :)
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    If it will not accept the 98 upgrade disk try installing 98 on the hard drive, boot to the XP CD and select full install, have it reformat the hard drive and it should not ask for a CD since a qualifying OS would be detected on the hard drive.