Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Murre, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. Murre

    Murre Guest

    Time and again a certain service/program runs on my computer and it uses all available CPU power and slow my other processes to an almost halt.

    The program/service is called CISVC.EXE.
    Has anyone encountered this service/program and can anyone tell me what is is, what it does and why it is doing it.

    My initial responce would be Virus or some sort of trojan. I have searched the Tech page on and tried to read about it in HELP files native to XP, but no luck.

    I would appreciate any suggestions
  2. Bubdar

    Bubdar Guest

    cisvc.exe is the indexing service..

    index's files to make search's etc faster...
  3. noah472

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    Might get my fingers burnt for this one but here is my two pence worth, i have just checked out what this is, its a service for Indexing and is used for remote control, aparently it is not important in any way so i would suggest killing it as a service, may well be wrong but found some interesting stuff here!! check out the read more on this serbice, aparently a bit of a resource hog! :mad:
  4. Bubdar

    Bubdar Guest

    Read the link, but not reading info on it cisvc.exe being used for remote control....

    Am I missing something?.....
  5. noah472

    noah472 Guest

    Not really, sorry, when i said remote control I was meaning the remote control protocol (which is why this service is running.)
  6. Bubdar

    Bubdar Guest

    Ok just checking :)

    (puts away his debuging tools)