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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lieb39, Apr 23, 2003.

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    I got a nice wireless linksys router. In my place I only get dial-up. Thats what I've been using forever. Now I have a special line for company stuff installed. Its kind of like slow DSL. I have it shared via my router, because it's easier to setup. I have 1 wireless laptop that always uses the slow dsl. My desktop (WinXpProSp1) is connected to the router via a ethernet. I want to be able to choose easily what connection I want to use. Currently, If I want to use dial-up I need to disable the ethernet card or change the dns settings on it. Other way around if I want to use the slow dns. Major disadvantage to this is that its either takes forever or I am complety cut from the network. I just want a simple way to change the dns settings, so anyone who goes on the computer can't use the slow dns.


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    There is 2 ways to fix this.
    1. Make 2 windows accounts.

    2. Set up a dial up icon on your desktop.
    Then go into your IE Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections
    Make sure it's not dialing.
    You will also have right click on my network ->properties -> Dial Up Connection (Whatever it's called) make sure you've got in the advanced properties set-up correctly (either auto or your Static IP with your ISP's DNS servers.)
    Then you should be able to use your dial-up connection. (I believe windows will act like a router using the fastest connection first.) -So no gurantees

    Why you'd want to do this beats me. <shrugs>

    If this is a Windows XP, 2K machine.
    On a Win98/ME I'd suggest using the 2 diffrent users.
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    I've found Win2K and XP take preference with the ethernet connection.

    Win98/ME take preference with the dialup.

    not sure how you'd do it otherwise.

    if you set the network connection to show the icon on the notification area when connected, you can right click -> disable the connection. then you can add a shortcut to the desktop for the network connection, and a simple double click on that will re-enable it :)

    possibly the best option i think...