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    Hello there!

    Why is CHKDSK always reporting errors on my system drive?


    I can run CHKDSK in BOOT-TIME, in RECOVERY CONSOLE or however I want... But without any luck...
    I am meeting the same problem on my computer... On my brother's computer... and so on...

    It never reports any problems on non-system disks (D:, E:, ... in my case) but everytime I dare to run CHKDSK on C: it finds this kind of problems...

    Okay maybe it's something on this that system drives cannot be unmounted when Windows are running and other drives can be, so it unmounts drives and fixes them while system drive has to be checked in BOOT TIME... and in BOOT TIME does not really fix my drive...

    Well since I am using NTFS for my whole life I wouldn't say that this is common issue in NTFS... But why is this happening to me now?

    I have reinstalled my WindowsXP for more than five times on my first or on my second phisical drive... I have reformatted them, I newly created the partitions and everything and sooner or later CHKDSK started reporting problems...

    I am running absolutely nothing on this drive (Just pure WindowsXP on newly formatted HDD) and CHKDSK is reporting this problems and I can't get rid of them. CHKDSK C: /F does the boottime check but once I am in Windows again and i run CHKDSK it finds errors again...

    I experienced the same problems on both of my seagate drives and no matter where were they connected: motherboard's IDE channel or separate UATA100 Card (Highpoint HPT100)...

    My system is:
    - MB: ASUS CUSL2-C (BP) with i815E Chipset
    - Proc: Intel Pentium III 800EB
    - HDDs: 2x Seagate Barracuda ATA IV (ST380021A)
    - 512 MB of 133Mhz RAM
    - Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce4MX 440
    - LAN Card, TV Tuner, some USB devices, ...

    Thanks for help. :)
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    the year 2525
    as always, have you updated drivers and flashed the motherboard bios. it could all be down to the motheboard, even running off a controller card.

    this could also be the result of a virus.
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    It not abnormal for chkdsk to find minor problems, chkdsk its a form of maintainance for the system not just a diagnostic tool as scandisk was.

    Chkdsk will clean up things like security descriptors and unused index entries, these are not things to be worried about and do not indicate a error, its simply maintaining the filesystem.

    When chkdsk has performed operations check the event viewer for entries from winlogon, you will normally notice the operations it has performed are minor. Any major problems would only be detectable by doing a surface sweep.

    Please note that without the /F parameter the information reported by chkdsk may not be completely acurate. Let it run in the boot time mode then check the entries in event viewer.
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    You are only checking the disk, not fixing it. Run chkdsk like this:

    chkdsk C: /F /V /R /X

    /F - Fixes errors on disk.
    /V - Verbose (show more info on what it's doing)
    /R - Check for bad sectors
    /X - Dismount drive if necessary