Chkdsk & Defrag, followed by crash

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mikemccu1, May 29, 2002.

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    Anyone else have problems with checkdisk and defrag in XP?

    No, I'm not using any additional 3rd party software... just trying to use vanilla software. Here's my situation:

    (EVENT #1) Defrag wouldn't complete; Contacted MS Support line; They gave directions for running CHKDSK upon reboot; The CHKDSK completed, and subsequently DEFRAG completed. However, CHKDSK did 'fix' some things. I didn't think at the time to write down all of the files that it fixed.... (my bad)

    3 days later, the system would lock upon boot and give a black screen; I could still enter bios, etc..... I ran Western Digital harddisk diagnostics... reported that disk was OK, OS was corrupt.

    (EVENT #2) After buying another harddrive (so I could save the files from the old drive while meeting my never ending desire to burn cash on technology), I reinstalled XP..... and incrementally defragged as i installed program after program.... I also restored 'mydocs' contents to new drive.... Last night I attempted defrag, and it reported that 8 files were 'fixed'.... they were all .dll's... and were all in the OS directory....

    AM I LOOKING AT ANOTHER IMPENDING CRASH? I really hope not... anyone else have this annoying problem? Anything I can do about it?

    I really appreciate any advice or light that can be shed on the situation. Thanks!
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    Just to clarify...

    I 'attempted' to run defrag last night, and it wouldn't complete... so I ran chkdsk and then defrag.... it was after chkdsk that the utility reported 'fixing' the files....
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    I've had problems with defrag, it just sticks at 1 per cent doesnt do anything else.
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    the files that were fixed

    These are the files that chkdsk fixed: