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  1. Complete newbie to this so I'll tell you what I need and may be some one can tell me if this is possible and the best sites to use.

    Without going in to too much detail I will selling various items at different prices on a web site, apparently I need checkout software and then another company to handle to credit/debit card payments.

    I'm also on a budget so the cheaper the better.

    I hope some one has some expirence of this?

    Any help much appreciated
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    I can't recommend much because I've never run such a website... but I will recommend something else.

    Search around a bit and find a website that might be similar to yours. See what they are using for checkout, and then visit that company's website. Do this a few times, and that might give you an idea of how much these services cost. Also, you might even have luck emailing the webmaster of such a retail site, and ask how their experience has been with such-and-such company.
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    ebay, lots of ppl use that and pay pal is your 3rd party person and its free.