Check Voltage on VGA and DIMM.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Nedreplan, May 22, 2003.

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    Is there any good program out there which I can use to see how much volt is used by my GeForce4 and my PC2100?

    It will not show under my BIOS-settings, only that I can tweak them, and how much I can tweak the voltage. But before I do so, if it is needed, I'd like to see what they are running on now. I'd like to give them what they need. :)

    And ... what is the best voltage to run a GeForce 4 Ti 4200, and PC2100 on?

  2. Zedric

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    Standard. :)

    The voltage only needs to be increased if you O/C since a higher frequency may need a higher voltage for the signal flanks to be steep enough.

    O/C takes more juice to of course, but I'm not sure that's the main reason.

    So just increasing voltage won't do you any good.
  3. Sazar

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    most times you can view the voltage by going into the BIOS or by using motherboard monitoring software...

    as for oc'ing... systems react different to oc;'ing hence there is no real 'set' figures for what the voltages should run @...
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    If you look in my sig you can see I run at 1.6 volts but the only reason I do is because I am overclocked and I need 1.6 to stay stable was 1.5 by default and I added .025 volts at a time testing until I hit my mark when you add voltage you cause the cpu to heat up and of course because I overclock and am not using standard heatsink and fan , I did not add anything to the AGP volts only to my VCORE ... by default the vAGP on mine is 1.55 volts and I dont need to add to that to acheive my overclock

    The only thing I did with the ram was lower the timings again only to be able to increase the FSB from 133@152 causing the default 266mhz to run at 304mhz

    unless your planning on overclocking as stated above there is no reason to play with the voltage on anything ...:D
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    Thanks to you all!

    Well, that answers my question. :)

    I checked and the AGP slot is on 1.54 volt, and the the DIMM is on 2.54 volt. So, I guess that makes it alright.

    Thanks again! :D