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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AztecSR20, Feb 23, 2003.

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    Hey kids,

    I'm networking a few computers in Windows XP, and I have a small problem I know you guys can help me with. 2 computers are running XP under NTFS file system. 1 computer is running XP under the FAT32 file system. For some reason, I can only browse to the program files and/or windows folders on the fat32 box. Anyone know why? I've tried to fix it so I can access these folders on the NTFS boxes, but can't.
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    check the folder permissions on the NTFS boxes
  3. AztecSR20

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    ok, where? :D
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  5. AztecSR20

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    Ahh!! Excellent. After a little bit of reading, I found the check box "Use Simple File Sharing" was checked in Folder Options. Unchecked it, and boom! I'm in! woooo wooo!! :D Thanks for helping out a newbie, guys.
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    I hate the fact that Microsoft enables simple file sharing in XP by default, it's worthless...