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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by ArugulaZ, May 28, 2002.

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    I'm having a lot of trouble getting text to show up legibly on the Windows XP desktop. I can't choose the color I want for the font titles, and even worse, the text has an ugly dark halo around it whenever I assign a desktop background. Is there any way to change the color and to remove this halo without downloading software like Microangelo? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    1) The color you select for the Desktop is the color that will be behind the icon fonts.

    2) You can make the font background transparent by going to System / Properties / Advanced / Performance Settings Button and put a tick mark in "Use Drop Down Shadows for Icon Labels on Desktop" This way, if you use wallpaper or a background image, it will show through behind the icon titles.
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    Registry Key

    Dear All

    Does anyone know the Registry Key for the above????