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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by illmaticone, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Heres my situation, i have computers that used to be on a domain but nobody ever took advantage of being on a domain so i elimated that when i got new pc's. When having to log into work related sites we would have to login as for example "OSNN\illmaticone" when i was used to be attached to the domain i would only have to type "illmaticone" as the username and it would input it as "OSNN/illmaticone". now since i am not on the domain with the new PC's when putting a user name "illmaticone" it would input as "computername/illmaticone" so i would have to manually input "OSNN/illmaticone"

    this really isnt a big deal to me, but my users arent to computer savvy and that little extra step is driving them crazy, and they come to me :dead:

    So basicall i want OSNN to be inputed defaultly so they can just log in with their user name. is this possbile thanks
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    So they are not on a domain, but now on a work group?
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    Well, it isn't really a problem, that's how login syntax works. Let me try to explain....

    When you authenticate to a domain resource, it prompts you for credentials. When you login to the domain, say "OSNN\illmaticone" as you stated, those are your domain account credentials since you are logged onto the domain. The OSNN section is understood because you are already logged onto it through your Windows Login. If you are not logged onto the domain, or logged onto the local machine, and the resource you are trying to login to was a domain object, you would have to type in manually OSNN\illmaticone. The reason why it shows up as "computername/illmaticone" is because it is grabbing the credentials from your Windows Logon again, but since they are local to the machine, they don't apply to the resource.

    Long story short, put the computers back on the domain. Even if they aren't "taking advantage" of it as you stated, you are better off and this won't be an issue.

    Besides, users aren't really the ones who are supposed to be taking advantage of a domain, the administrators are the ones who benefit :)
    It makes pushing changes much easier when you can make them in one place, rather than thousands.