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  1. ok..i have a problem wit my used to work perfectly fine under win98 but now that i have xp pro dont work at cdrw is an artec 8x4x32 and i didnt get any drivers wit it when i purchased it.

    When i try to erase my cdrw comes up 1 min left and goes thrught that one min and then ejects the cd but it hasnt actually erased the cd...i have also got problems just burning to just wont copy!!! HELP!!!! i use my cdrw a lot and for it not to be put to use is a waste of money...some1 out there help me..
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    sounds like you need to install some fresh aspi layers m8, take a look here to grab some for windows..... Here or Here

    Hope that this is of some use to you
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    Do you have your aspi-layer installed? what burning software do have installed? are you having any other IDE related problems? Do you have your newest motherboard bios flashed in? Does Artec have any signed XP drivers at their website? What motherboard are you using? that's a start.
  4. thanx...

    thanx man....ive just instsalled Force ASPI so hopefully that other thing..will that fix a prob ive just cdrw is 8x4x32 and when i goto format it only says 2x...what the hells up wit that? do u guys know the artec site??.......well im off to reboot and try this