CDRW problems... possible culprit!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by robin.munro, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. robin.munro

    robin.munro Guest

    I have never had any burning problems in xp using the native software and Nero.

    All of a sudden they both either started hanging or Direct CD would no believe that there was a blank disk in the burner.

    By shear luck, one day I was trying to get Nero to work (it kept freezing at 10%) I switched of Norton Antivirus Autoprotect and all of a sudden after being frozen for 10 mins it kicked in and burned the cd perfectly.

    Is there anyone else out there that has had similar problem and is also running an enabled auto protect in the task bar?:confused:
  2. nick1gbr

    nick1gbr Guest

    I run Nero

    I have Nav 2002/Internet Security 2002 running all of the time, i have never had any problems except For Adaptec 5 and nero.

    I cannot have them both installed at the same time.

    When you say direct cd do you mean the cd copier that came in XP? (i dont think adaptecs is supported as there is a version that came with xp, i may be wrong)

    Check in your NAV settings that scan all files isnt enabled, that may be causing a problem. apart from that as i say i have had no problem with NAV and Nero.