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    Hi getting the following error in the image attached.

    It happens when i try and write an image to a cd in clone cd and also some kind of medium error when i use nero??

    Not sure if this is a driver problem or what??

    Help is much appreciated!!!

  2. neo090282

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    Didnt attach an image.....error is.....

    "Writing to CD failed, MEDIUM ERROR: NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (3:0x64:0xc0)"

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    Need More Info

    I need more info before i can answer this corectly, however, i can give you some leads.

    1) Did you buy cheap cdrs?

    2) How old is the drive? I had the same error on a drive which was about 4 years old. Basically, i burned it up. It couldn't keep a steady power ouput to the laser, therefore would never work accurately.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    do u have aspi layers unstalled? if not download them and install them that should help.