CDROM Windows XP problems. plz help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by biker_125, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. biker_125

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    well i have 2 cdroms. a cd burner and a normal cd rom. but when i go to my computer it only shows the cd burner and not the cd rom. when i try to open the normal cd rom it wont open. why is it doing this? could u plz help asap.
  2. Shamus MacNoob

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    I would start by looking in the bios to see if you can find the cd rom in question , and also check to see if you have them wired properly ie: Burner set as master second ide and CDrom set as slave on second ide

    Or lets say Hardrive master on ide 1 with Cdrom as a slave then Burner Master on ide 2

  3. biker_125

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    just tried that. didnt work. any other suggestions?
  4. Eck

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    Won't even open? Does a light come on when you boot up? Make sure the CD-ROM is plugged in...
  5. biker_125

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    it is. it was working yesterday.
  6. hsmit

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    if you put a cd in the cd rom drive in question, does it spin up (you will have to listen for it- if so, then the cd rom is recognizing the cd inside, and spinning up to find the read head. cd rom hardware is ok. go into your device manager, and delete or uninstall just the one cd rom in question. once you remove that, reboot. does the pc re-recognize the cd rom? if not, it could have a bad interface on the cd- switch locations on the cable to another cable, and retry.