CDRom device errors

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mikemacd, May 8, 2002.

  1. mikemacd

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    Under "Event Viewer" in the "System" error log section, I receive the following error messages.

    (1) an error was detected on device \Device\CDRom1 during a paging operation

    (2) the device \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the required time out period

    There is a "device has a bad block error" to.

    I'm currently using an I/O Magic 40x CDRom

    Hope this helps
  2. Jeff P

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    I have the same problem on 4 different machines using 3 different CD-R drives (Plextor, HP, Lite-On). My friends also have the same error occur with their drives as well. I believe it is an common XP problem that will get fixed over time with Windows updates and service pack releases.