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    I have a couple questions in regard to my Web form. What is basically happening is that it is pulling the emails from a database and BCC'ing a message to all of them. The mailing list at max would be 600 members.

    Here are my questions:
    1. I would like to set it up to handle attachments (at least 4)

    2. Is this setup to handle HTML (for the body) and use the Reply-To field properly?

    3. Is it the best way to code a CDO form? I want as less of a chance as possible that this will be detected as spam. Would it be better if I sent the e-mails out individually? If so, how? I don't want it to timeout before all the e-mails are sent.

    I'm going to need some help making these changes as I don't know my way around this very well.

    Here is the code I am using:

    This is the form:
    <form name="Email" method="Post" action="results.asp"> 
    <table width="428"> 
       <td width="24"><b>Subject: </b> </td> 
       <td colspan="3"><input type="text" name="Subject" size="40"></td> 
       <td width="24"><b>ReplyTo: </b> </td> 
       <td colspan="3"><input type="text" name="ReplyTo" size="40"></td> 
       <td colspan=4>&nbsp;</td> 
       <td colspan=4><b>Send to those interested in:</b></td> 
       <td width="141" colspan="2"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="baseball=true"> Baseball</td> 
       <td width="112"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="soccer=true">      Soccer</td> 
       <td width="139"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="volleyball=true">      Volleyball</td> 
       <td width="141" colspan="2"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="basketball=true">     Basketball</td> 
       <td width="112"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="softball=true"> Softball</td> 
       <td width="139"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="wrestling=true"> Wrestling</td> 
        <td width="141" colspan="2">
        <INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="crosscountry=true">     Cross Country</td> 
        <td width="112"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="swimming=true"> Swimming</td> 
       <td width="139"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="boardmember=true">      Board Members</td> 
        <td width="141" colspan="2">
        <INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="football=true"> Football</td> 
        <td width="112"><INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="track=true">      Track</td> 
       <td width="139">
        <INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="sport" Value="administrator=true">      Admins</td> 
       <td width="141" colspan="2">&nbsp;</td> 
       <td colspan="2">&nbsp;</td> 
       <td width="141" colspan="2"><b>Comments: </b> </td> 
       <td colspan="2">&nbsp;</td> 
       <td colspan="4"><textarea rows=9 cols=48 name="Comments"></textarea></td> 
    <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit Form"> 
    I had this code in CDONTS form, but I was told to convert it to CDO, I tried, but I need someone to check it over, and then respond to my questions above.

    <%@ LANGUAGE=JScript %> 
    var db = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection"); 
    var sql = "SELECT email FROM Members WHERE ADMINISTRATOR = True"; 
    var sports = Request("sport").Item; 
    if ( sports != null && sports != "" ) 
       sports = sports.replace( /,/g , " OR " ); // change each comma to SQL OR keyword 
       sql += " AND ( " + sports + " ) " 
    sql += " ORDER BY lastname, firstname" 
    Response.Write( "DEBUG SQL: " + sql + "<HR>" ); // just to show what is happening 
    var rs = db.Execute(sql); 
    if( db.Errors.Count != 0 ) Response.Redirect("default.asp"); 
    while ( ! rs.EOF ) 
       Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.NewMail"); 
       myMail.Bcc= rs("EMail").Value; 
       myMail.From= ""; 
        myMail.Replyto= Request("Replyto");
       myMail.Subject= Request("Subject"); 
       myMail.HTMLBody = Request("Comments");