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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kevinr, Oct 1, 2002.

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    To my Technical Wizards...

    I curently have over 400+ CD's and am finally in a position to copy most if not all to my PC...

    I am looking for a "ripper" that will copy the audio tracks from a CD and automatically convert them to MP3...I dont want this to be a 2/3 step process and would like to see comments from fellow users on what is the best software out there....

    I have 2 Seagate 73MB SCSI drives that I want to fill up quickly!

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

    Kevin next project is to see what audio card will best suit my needs...
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    I just use windows media player 8 (now 9 beta).. you have to download an mp3 codec and run a reg file (i have both of them if you want them... they are both free but kind of a pain to find)... but once they are installed it's just a simple step of opening media player and copying the cd to the hard drive
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    Ripping MP3's

    There are many ways to do this task. I found one of the easiest for someone first trying it is to use MusicMatch Jukebox or WinAmp which you can get free at either of their websites. Basically you just put the CD in the tray and record them to your HD. Be aware your HD will fill quickly if you use a bitrate of 320. This is the best way in my opinion, hope it helps.
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    use CDex
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    Cdex:D ;) :) :cool: :rolleyes: :p

    I third that
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    CDex is great =)

    May i recommend using Ogg Vorbis rather than MP3 for ripping. Use Quality setting 6 for best results. Or use VBR 192 (or r3mix settings)

    r3mix settings = --nspsytune --vbr-mtrh -V1 -mj -h -b96 --lowpass 19.5 --athtype 3 --ns-sfb21 2 -Z --scale 0.98 -X0 a really good site for ripping etc

    You will not find any better ripper than EAC but you want a simple ripper. CDex will do the job.

    A couple of linkies
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    CDex is Hipster proof. I like it. I like it a lot. :D
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    /me votes CDEX as well.
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    well it looks like CDEX gets the nod...thanks for all the suggestions!