CD-RW won´t eject from button.....why??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by EMDY, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. EMDY

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    i have my CD-RW having problems lately.......when i introduce a cd does the proper thing.....BUT when it comes to eject it it just won´t do it via Front panel Button....i have to go to My PC and via selecting the Drive (cd-rw) and right click and eject does the job......the thing is that this is annoying, when i push the eject button in front panel i just get a RED Not-blinking light from the front panel, instead of a GREEN blinking light....any help????

    BTW: i have the latest updates from it installed........thanks
  2. bhxtyrant

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    what cd burning software do you use?i know with easy cd creator/direct cd have a feature that disables the eject button so you dont accidently eject a cd before its done burning on the system tray icon it has a red "x" to let you now the drive is locked then once the cd is done it will automatically eject.
  3. EMDY

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    yeah...i have easy cd and directcd.....but i have never seen that about the "X"....and by the way this problem applies to every cd inserted, even originals, i don´t mean this problem happends only when burning.....happens when reading cd´s......
  4. BonyTony

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    What make of drive is it.

    If its a liteon drive its a known problem...upgrading the firmaware should fix it.....if not a liteon try upgrading your firmware anyway.
  5. Direct CD affects any disk in the drive,, DISABLE direct cd!!
  6. EMDY

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    even though this didn´t happend in the past?????
    i mean that this is recent........