CD:RW slow speeds read & write

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bossdodgers, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. bossdodgers

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    I had been using my CD-RW without any problems. I installed the Xp Service Pack 1 and exprienced problem with my games locking up. I removed the Service Pack last night and since then my drive is only reading at 10x and writing at 7x.

    I have enabled DMA including in the registry and even refitted the drive but without success

    I am on the latest firmware from Asus (as it is a new drive there is only one available anyway)

    I am presuming something has been removed when I uninstalled SP1 as it is since then that the problem has started. I have re-installed the XP ASPI drivers as well.

    I have re-installed SP1 but still the same problem

    My drive is an ASUS 4012A 40x12x48

    My specs

    AMD AThlon 1.4 DDR (PC2100)
    512 DDR RAM
    GeForce 3 Ti500
    Soundblaster Audigy
    Windows XP (SP1)
    ASUS 4012A 40x12x48
    Pioneer DVD-116

    Any one got any ideas please?
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    IMO I would just back up what you need and do a clean install. Or if you really want to then roll back your drivers to your CD-RW or reinstall them. But either way I would do a clean install. Something like this isn't a hardware issue something got screwed up and you did all the troubleshooting you could do. System restore, reinstalled drivers.
  3. vdubVR6

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    O yeah there is one more thing you could try. In device manager you could "uninstall/unplug" the device then reboot and let XP auto. detect the drive.
  4. bossdodgers

    bossdodgers Guest

    I don't really want to reinstall everythig unless I have to.

    Just tried uninstalling in device manager and rebooting and still no better

    It was reading and writing at maximum speeds until 24 hours again when I uninstalled SP1.
  5. bossdodgers

    bossdodgers Guest

    I have just been looking in the driver info for the CD-RW drive. On the driver info it says Microsoft is the provider and it is digitally signed. However when you click driver details it is saying it is a Roxio driver and not signed.

    A Roxio product hasnt been on the system for months

    Could this mean anything?
  6. I wouldnt trust ANY roxio driver, they have a tendancy to SCREW all your cd drives up, take my dilema for example, when i had ROXIO easy cd creator, the drivers provided locked my CD and DVD drives up and prevented access to them..

    Microsofts driver was MADE with help from ROXIO, if you look carefully!!
  7. bossdodgers

    bossdodgers Guest

    Can you recommend any drivers other than Roxio then and if so where can I get them from as there are no drivers available for the drive on the Asus site?
  8. well, i am sticking to the installed driver M$ provided, it works fine for me now!!