CD-RW problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Watgrad, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Watgrad

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    My CD-RW has began to behave strangely. When I place a blank CD-R into the drive, Windows simply scans it and reports it as a blank disk. If I try to copy files onto the disk, Windows gives an error message stating that there is no disk in the drive.

    I don't think this is a hardware issu,m because Clone-CD never reports this error, I only have this problem when using WinXP's "Write these files to CD" function.

    Any Ideas?

    Pentium 4 (1.4)
    256 Meg RAM
    LG 16x10x40x CD-RW drive
    40 Gig HD
    GeForce 2/MX 100 video
  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    yeah , maybe some incompatibilities , use other burning software !
  3. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    Have you ran windows update to get the CDRW burner updates ? they address that problem.
  4. iowaboy

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    Iowa, USA
    also may try a cd rom cleaner..may have picked up some dust
  5. WAM

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    this also stumped me for a while....but i did notice that clicking on the drive properties (recording tab) there is a box which says "enable cd recording on this drive" - when unchecked it and then re-checked it and went back to the cdrw wizard it started working???

    try it you never know, it might work on yours?