CD-RW 40x . why ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Cosmin, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Cosmin

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    I will list first a chart about time burn as a history

    4x _________________________ 19:45:00
    8x __________________09:55:00
    12x ____________6:49:00
    16x __________5:12:00
    20x _________4:27:00
    24x ________4:01:00
    32x _______3:40:00

    So here is the basic question ? Must we pay for a 40x Writer as time as the difference does not pass only some seconds ?

    I have a CD RW Sony 12x and i love it !
    Post your own writer an sure , your own opinion about the future of writers ? My answer : DVD writer maybe ...
  2. notoes

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    I guess if your a big pirater, speed matters, I'm fine waiting 5 minutes with my 16x, sure beats the 4x I had before christmas.
    But yet not all systems can operate that fast, it's hard enough when you have only 533mhz and a Burn Proof burner and get a buffer under-run error or you have to wait 10 minuts for a should be 5 minute burn. Otherwise i'd be cool to blab around saying that your burner is better than others.
  3. toolfool719

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    Love the plextor

    I have the plextor writer 24/10/40 and love it. But then again I started with a Sony 4/8/12 . and the difference is night and day. I takes about 3.5 mins. to burn a cd. and with the plextor and Nero not one coaster yet.(knock on wood) but when I had the Sony and the Adapect 4 and 5 lots of coasters and computer freezes. I just finished installing the 4x burner in a friends computer.(for free) I hope we are still friends later... I guess a 4x is better then a No X.
  4. Qumahlin

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    after 32x anything is pretty much overkill...the time difference gets smaller each time due to a writer cannot write at full speed across the entire up until they start selling home Cd mastering kits where we can just stamp master copies might as well stay at 24x or 32x :)