CD-roms and secondary IDE problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by meisme, Sep 6, 2003.

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    So heres the deal, the computer won't boot when either cd-rom is connected. It boots however if my secondary hard drive is connected to the secondary IDE channel (primary or slave). It wont boot however if the secondary hard dive is connected as Primary slave. And it wont boot if the floppy is connected, the computer used to see the floopy drive but couldnt read from it.

    Both cd-roms connected : no boot
    Secondary hard drive connected to secondary IDE (both primary and slave) : boot
    All devices disconnected except primary hard drive on Primary IDE(master)

    I've tried all possible configurations but I still cannot get by second gard drive to work on the primary IDE and can't get the cd- rom to work on the secondary IDE (Primary and slave)

    SYS specs:
    XP pro
    Compaq Presario 5102US
    Athlon 1ghz
    768mb pc133
    Gf4 mx 440-se 64mb ddr
    SBL live 5.1
    PCtel v.90 modem
    Quantum 13gb Primary
    Quantum 40gb secondary
    Asus 52x24x52 Primary
    MA****a dvd-rom secondary

    Please feel free to ask for any additional info.
  2. meisme

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    I found the reason why the second hard drive wasnt working. There was a pushed in pin on the primary hard drive, I had to use a tweezer to pull it back out. So now both hard drives work. So now im on to the cd roms.
  3. ming

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    lol.... now that you have found out about the jumper settings on the drives, you'll need to make sure that the HD's are set to 'Master' for primary IDE and 'Slave' for the 2nd HD on primary IDE. Or, you can have the second HD on 'Master' on the secondary IDE.
  4. meisme

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    I have bothe cd-roms on the secondary IDE, the entire problem was caused by the primary hard drive.
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    Way to go finding something like that. :)