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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by djpast, Mar 3, 2002.

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    is there anyway to edit how your cd-roms are label when you open explorer to my computer?

    liek when you open explorer, i have cd-roms listed all with the label:

    "CD Drive (drive letter:)"

    is there anyway to change that to DVD Drive
    or CD-RW or something? I know you can do this with harddrives...
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    Thats a damn good question :)

    i just tried and it doesnt seem to rename , ill have a look around and see if it is possible
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    CD-Rom rename

    With XP DVD-Drives and CD-RW Drives the service shell hardware detection is needed to activate the correct naming of these drives - i.e. DVD-Drive will show up in explorer/my computer as DVD drive and not CD-Rom Drive, the same is true for CD-RW Drives. So first make sure shell hardware detect is set to automatic. Go to:
    Start>All Programs>AdministrativeTools>Services>shellhardwaredetection
    (set this service to automatic)
    It is important to note that this should work with all DVD-Drives, I have one of the first toshiba DVD Drives and it works fine, so newer DVD Drives should be no problem. However older CD-RW Drives sometime will only show up as CD-Rom Drive even if the service has been activated. I had an old creative CD-RW Drive and it won't show up as anything other than CD-Rom Drive. My new burner shows up as CD-RW Drive.
    Hope this helps
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    THANKS GUYS!!! actually if you combine the last two posts they work together great =) thanx for your help
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    Tope's responce

    Tope I tried the info from the link you gave on my girl friends computer and it worked great - thxs
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    Glad it worked for you Sage, I saw it posted in another forum, at one time, thought it might come in handy one day. ;)