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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aletank, Jun 22, 2002.

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    I use a normal writable CD for putting files on I add files, leave it for a few days/weeks, add some more and it's OK for a couple of times,Then all of a sudden the CD is not reconised as a writable CD.I get a messege saying "The CD is Full/Non Writable" Even though the 2 CD's in question only has 5.85mb and 43.3mb used on them.This is in Windows XP and I use the "Copy To""Move To" options in XP to burn

    I'm using 16 Speed Memorex Discs and a 12 Speed Phillips CDRW Drive.

    Would this be caused by faulty discs maybe?

    Any other advice greatly appreciated !!
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    These are CDR I am using, Not CDRW, I want to burn files onto them and keep adding until the CD is full then keep the CD with all my collected files.
    I've just counted up the space used too, CD1 states that 5.85MB is used but I just counted 506MB is actually used. CD2 states that 43MB is used but I just couted that 464MB is actually used. These are 700MB discs I'm using
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    I guess my first question would be what program are U using to make the "multisession" disk??
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    i'm using the built in software thats in XP. which lets you use your CDRW drive just like your "A" floppy drive, with a "copy to" "Move to" command

    I've just started using a 3rd disc, now i've just put that in my drive and it says, Used Space 276mb, Free Space 404mb
    This is how it should be, now I might add stuff again to this and i come to put more stuff on after that and it mightn't work saying the disc is full/non writable
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    I had the same prob when I used EZCD Creator. Almost as if the disc could only handle so many sessions or burns