CD Drive Read Errors (Cyclic Redundancy Check)(CRC)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jaquio5, Mar 10, 2002.

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    Hey. Recently I wanted to install direct cd for formatting my CDRW drive to drag files into it from explorer. It was a very old disk for my HP 8100. After that when I try to drag large files from CDs to my HD (tried both cdrom drives and tried it on both my HDs) I get Cyclic Redundancy Check errors. These CDs worked before and work on other computers. I went to device manager and removed both drives, and readded them both. Still no dice. I reintalled XP. I removed the HP software also. I know the CDs are in fine condition. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    thanks for the reply but still no luck. anyone else have any ideas?im dying here/
  4. try a cd drive cleaning disk, i had the exact same problem, its probably a dirty lens if the cds work on other computers.
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    see it started right at the same time in both of my cd drives, it happenes to every cd at the same point on both drives. i know its not hardware but software. any ideas? thanks.