CD burning software necessary?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by autumnheart, May 3, 2002.

  1. autumnheart

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    i'm curious on this one cos i really don't want to install too many SW on my laptop.

    i was thinking, since XP allows "drag and drop" in Windows explorer for me to copy any files into my CD-writer (E: drive) and WMP helps me burn MP3 into audio playable CD, why do pple still installing stuff like CD creator and nero?

    am i missing out something/ some features?

    (am currently using Polderbits to record old cassettes into MP3 and Cdex to rip CDs into MP3)

    :) would be grateful if someone can enlighten me
  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    You make me laught :D :D :D
    Why ?
    Cause these are let's say " professional "

    I installed them cause i wanted to make writing cd's safe & secure .
  3. BOBbagels

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    I installed burning software and stopped the built in XP burning ability just to have more features/options really.
  4. Hutch

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    XP burner,as far as i know wont copy one cd from another,thats why i installed nero.
  5. nubs

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    my experience

    I used the built in burner "software" and its utter crap. Sometimes it causes your entire system to just hang. It uses some kind of direct x technology that just isn't compatible with a lot of burners. I personally like NTI, it may look like it's cheap but it works beautifully.
  6. THEM

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    Nero and CDMate RULEZ!!!

    How else am I to copy CDs (with or without protection)...

    It also provides the best qtability, options and quality if you want to create data, mixed mode, mp3, cd audio, video cd or hybrid cds...

    With Windows Xp you can only write Audio and Data Cds...,
    It supports no additional options,
    And its not solid/stable.

    It even copies the files to a cache folder first, before writing to a CD...

    No, Windows Xp is not good yet for writing CDs...
  7. pmcartney

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    The problem comes to a head with Roxio's Platinum 5.1.014 upgraded software with Direct CD. You can't run both.
    Direct CD or uncheck your recording button on the cdrw drive!
    Otherwise you will get lockups especially at the XP update site.

    It might be because of the new burner update file on XP's site, I dunno but since I can do MORE with Roxio than just XP's burning software and since I can still burn from Media Player I disabled the XP burner software. With Direct CD you can let a cdrw close and keep writing to it until it is full. XP closes your cdr or cdrw totally and it can't be recorded to, unless in the case of a cdrw, you erase it.

  8. OhmEye

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    When I installed XP, I discovered that I couldn't get into my CD's that still had "open" sessions from Roxio. Otherwise the native XP CD utilities seem to work well on my system. If you only need to get into CD's that "can be read on any CDROM" then you should be OK without additional software on your laptop. If you have CD's that you can still drag and drop to with Roxio, and want to do so on your laptop, then you will need to load the appropriate software.
  9. dejav00

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    Windows XP burner can't burn .iso's or save them, I use Nero.

    Simple as that.
  10. Toybear

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    My suggestion

    I don't know how much you know about computers autumn or what you exactly wanna burn. The best applications to get are either Nero, CloneCD (if you wish to duplicate cds), or Roxio CD Creater 5. I know Nero and CloneCD are easy to find on the internet and if you need help I can find it for you and crack it. Due to I know it is a b*tch to come up with spare cash some times.

    My best suggestion. Nero. I use Roxio myself but that is because that is what came w/ my burner and I am too lazy to look for something else.

  11. RobbieSan

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    The burning software that shipped with XP is a scaled down version of Roxio.. it is only good for burning to a cd from the HD.. if you try to copy a cd it copies everything to the HD first then you must tell it to burn to a cd..

    I have used Roxio a bunch but found it had problems writing a cd properly despite it thinking it had done so.. I recently got a copy of Nero which burned a full audio cd in 5min for me perfectly.. I doubt very much I will be using Roxio again.. I don't need directCD since I have a second HD for backup..
  12. dreamliner77

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    Red Sox Nation

    hush, hush on the cracks. PM is good. Wouldn't want this wonderful site to get shut down...
  13. djmorgan

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    I think your missing the point autumnheart clearly is looking at 'everyday simple copying' not full on duplication.

    In a simple context the XP burning works well for most people, it does not hang crash or otherwise spit the dummy on normal drag and drop or simple HD to CD copying.

    If that's all your doing you don't need to spend money on other apps or worst steal software.

    You can get apps to copy ISO free if that's important MS even had an early one.

    The only caveat is that as MS change the burner it seems to make your previously burn CD's invisible but hopefully that is over now.

    Me I have Nero and CloneCD so I'm not recommending what I use just trying to answer the question without getting carried away.
  14. autumnheart

    autumnheart Guest

    thanks for all the replies!!!

    djmorgan is right.
    i only copy files from my c/d drive for backing up purpose (that includes copying mp3 into cd but i'm not concerned with all the naming etc) and make mp3 into cd-player/car audio playable format.

    and after making a few backups and a few audio cd without hiccup, i wonder if i need nero or cd-creator.

    i don't duplicate/clone software cd.
    and i have yet to make any audio cd by grabbing directly from various cd.
    (i guess for the 2nd one, i can still use cdez to extract it and then use wmp to burn)

    :confused: ;)
    i guess i'm not that "advanced" to use an extra sw?