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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gouk, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Gouk

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    Before you ask, my PC specs are in my sig below.

    Ok, I fresh installed XP around 2 months ago and when I burnt CDs in CDRWin 3.9A or Nero 5.5.9.x, my PC would not slowdown but recently anything I do related to my CD and DVD drive eat up around 60-80% of my CPU resources and my PC slows down terribly.

    What could be causing this?
  2. Geffy

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    have you tried defragging, sometimes the CPU Usage increases and speed decreases if the segments of the files to be burnt are fragmented.
    Try that let us know how it goes.
  3. Gouk

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    Take a look at the attached picture if it helps you to find me a solution.

    Also, yes it happens on all recording speeds.

    The Recorder buffer is erratic to say the least :(
  4. damnyank

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    Look here

    Being very far from an expert in this area, I did find this site in regards to "buffer underrun protection not correctly detected with some recorders". The "fix" is dated August 13th!

    I was thinking and I may (probably) be wrong, but with all the underruns - data is flowing very slowly and keeping the cpu busy???

    If I am out in leftfield (or out of the ball park) put me on disregard!
  5. Gouk

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    Thx for the link but it did not solve my problem.

    What I did find out is my CD Writer for some reason is only running in PIO Mode :(

    I tried to change it to DMA Mode from XP and BIOS but it still stays on Pio Mode :(

    What can I do now :confused:
  6. Gouk

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    My Plextor CD-Writer is Device 0 on the 2nd IDE channel.
  7. damnyank

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    Just a thought - look here

    What would happen if you left it in PIO and changed it to PIO 4 in the drop down on the image ya linked?\

    Of course I am guessing big time now!!
  8. Gouk

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    But the thing is the CD Writer CAN run in Ultra DMA Mode 2 setting and has before.

    I wonder what happened :(
  9. Gouk

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    This is all it shows :(

    Please, someone must be able to help. This is driving me nuts.
  10. Gouk

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    So should I uninstall it in the Device manager?
  11. Gouk

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    Installed VIA 4in1 4.22 and its still stuck in PIO mode :(

    There must be a way to fix this without a format.

    In the BIOS the drive is set to PIO mode 4 and UDMA Mode 2. I cant disable PIO.

    Any ideas? :confused:
  12. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    Ok, I got it to Ultra DMA Mode 2 but not Multi-word DMA Mode 2.

    What is the difference between them?
  13. Gouk

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    WinXP does detect it as a CD-RW drive thankfully.

    I got this off a site:

    An alternative to DMA is the Programmed Input/Output (PIO) interface in which all data transmitted between devices goes through the processor (this is what was causing my CPU usage to rise to 60-80%) A newer protocol for the ATA/IDE interface is Ultra DMA, which provides a burst data transfer rate up to 33 MB (megabytes) per second. Hard drives that come with Ultra DMA/33 also support PIO modes 1, 3, and 4, and multiword DMA mode 2 (at 16.6 megabytes per second).

    So my CD-RW drive is set at double the speed it was before unless I am wrong.
  14. Gouk

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    my CD-Writer is in ULTRA DMA MODE 2 now.

    Sound right?
  15. GT2000

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    Just realized yesterday that my dvd drive (lite-on dvd in sig) is now only showing pio though it's set to dma if available.

    I was wondering why audio ripping was taking so damn long, cd speed shows start read speed at .86x, and current at .91x after half-way through...

    Forgot to mention, just received my new case and swapped my hardware into it on wednesday (I love this thing...) (only, in blue)

    So is it a possibilty that an ide cable isn't connected properly? I wouldnt' think so, since it still ripped a data cd to copy earlier just fine, and my burner still flies, being the slave on the same controller.
  16. GT2000

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    Just adding to this on what fixed my pio mode only problem..

    Tried a different ide-cable to no avail, tried all the different bios settings to no avail, and since my firmware was way out of date anyways, I updated to the latest, not only is the dvd playback much better now, it's back to dma mode 2 :)

    oh, and mode 2 = ata 33, so you're perfectly fine Goku