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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by PetesWRX, May 24, 2002.

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    I've come across a problem with my HP 8100i burner. The xp packaged burn software works great. But Nero doesnt (most up to date Nero, supports XP). Here's my problem: I'm trying to back up a game (MaxPayne, or any other game), and after I run the nero cd-copy wizard the 'Reading CD' process simply fails.

    I've looked through all of these posts about how to fix these problems (from windows updates, to disabling xp burn software, etc...), and I really would like to see if anyone has tried these methods. If so, what worked, what will work for me. I'm not lazy I just don't have faith in my PC enough to just try something for fear that I'll be reformatting/installing everything again.

    Please Help!

  2. Jz1397-5

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    maybe the CD is locked and copy protected (?). I would rip an ISO (WinISO) and just try to burn that.
  3. PetesWRX

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    rip iso

    i tried that. the cd just spins while nero says "beginning read cd". i can let it go for hours and it will just sit and spin.

    please keep the 'just sit and spin' jokes to a minimum :D
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    why dont you try to copy the cd to the harddrive and then burn it to a cd as an iso image,if you need a crack for this game you can get it here just burn this with the iso image install the game and copy /paste the crack into the directory where you installed the game to,hope this helps a bit:D
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    Re: rip iso

    LOL :D

    sorry, no answer here. :)
  6. LPDad

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    Easy solution.


    CloneCD4 (best) + CloneyXXL


    BlindwriteSuite (also the best--after cloneCD)

    :D :D :D
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    Sparky, Don't post any Cracks or Warezz on the Forum or any link to such. PLEASE :D
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    Don't know if this is related to your problem or not but I have a CD-Rom & a burner. If I try to copy a Cd using Nero or Adaptec with both CD-Roms it always fail. It works if I use the burner to copy the CD to the hard drive then from there burn the CD. Very wierd. :confused:
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    IMO Max Payne has protection on the original storage media :D

    I use BlindWrite Suite 4 to duplicate my legit protected software ;) and its the best program out there for thos kind of job IMO