Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by UberBert, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. UberBert

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  2. [CpK]Bastid

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    u dont like the xaser III

  3. UberBert

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    i wasnt talking about that kind :p ;) Xaser II is the one im talkin bout :) the Xaser III have the stupid thing down the middle that says Thermaltake :huh: i like the one im probly goin to get :) :) its cool

  4. lechtard

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    That is a nice case - I like the plus models with the window and lights, they would make cool server cases ..

    It sure beats my lian-li Pc 60 that is for sure ..
  5. [CpK]Bastid

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    i agree the thermaltake down the middle is kinda junk...but probably moddable no doubt....

    as for the xaser II...dont care for that side panel if those chieftec/thermaltake/..etc.. cases came with a mobo tray...i'd trade in my lian li in a second

    good case tho

    built 3 comps using those cases
  6. Cosmin

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    Yes , looks nice , curious about it's price ... :confused:
  7. [CpK]Bastid

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    179 at frozencpu
  8. Nick M

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    Not bad at all. Nice, nice case. I like it lots, suggest you get it. Man, this is making me want a nice case, I've got a Antec blah blah really large case, but..hmm, it's beige. :rolleyes:
  9. Jz1397-5

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    Philadelphia PA
    just bought that exact same model. it looks amazing and works really well. the front plate feels like steel though, but thats ok. the case as a whole is very nice, all case fans included etc. i would reccomend it.