Case MOdding?!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by BLEHg0d, Jan 20, 2002.

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    IF any of you people have TIGHT case mods to your computer case go check out

    Then goto the "Gallery" sectiona nd submit your case!!!! IT'll be posted on the website. IF you don't have any case mods or need a new system, they also do that so contact if you intersted in us doing one for oyu.

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    1. don't call me doodsie.

    2. borderline spam - don't push it with bumping your post every day.

    3. You have a nice site... re-post when you have something to look at besides just one case mod, and then do it discreetly by not making it spam at the same time (a link directly to the modded case history).

    4. Lose the flash intro, it's too big. I'm on broadband and it still takes to long to load. You'll lose visitors with it. Your site doesn't need the added fluff.

    5. Welcome to :D
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    wow- u sure are full of yourself ain't yeh? haha....but thanks for the critique- we may take it into consideration.