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  1. what are the most popular american card games? and where can i get rules of those games online if posible?
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    strip poker

    not necessarily in that order either :cool:
  3. ok almost learned spades. got the point of the game kinda but gota learn the scoring better and practice. the strip poker heh? same as the regular one, right? just loosing clothes instead of money? and tonk game i'll look up later. any other games?
  4. Iceman

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    hearts is pretty cool too

    and don't forget "Go fish" :cool:
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    Also if you wanted to know spades is like an arab game called Tarneeb but the trump is not always the spade meaing u chose what card u can cut with and the scoring is different its up to 35 i think im not sure. you can play this game online at el3ab.comi was taught it this spring even though im arab i dont know alot about evrythinhg they have the rules and how to play are posted on the website so have fun! ohh by the way el3ab means play in arabic and we us the number 3 to have a pronounsation of a letter in arabic not avialable in english ;) :D