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    I guess this would go here under "portable entertainment devices" :nervous: Anyways, I do audio reinforcement for many live gigs; some of which are in remote areas with limited (if any) power. I don't really want to mess around with a generator, especially for smaller gigs and such, so what I'm thinking is investing in a 2500w inverter for my suv. Since my smaller setup only pulls about 15a @ 115VAC this should technically work. My question is, how long? I am aware that the alternator probably won't be able to keep up with more than 1500w of continuous load. Any thoughts on this?

    Btw: I really am hoping to get this to work somehow w/o a generator.

    Think of the potential with 4 Quad-core monsters taking advantage of open hotspots from the cargo area :devious:

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    You could always additional batteries, they use these in custom sound systems in cars over here.
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